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December 15
Question 26
I know how the partnership benefits WSU and our students, but what is the benefit for WATC faculty and staff?  I know their benefits aren’t as good as ours, so how will this be profitable for us?
I would answer this by saying that it is my belief that employees will not be financially hurt in this process.  With regards to health insurance, WSU benefits are in some cases a higher cost than ours, your leadership and board will be working hard to ensure this is a smooth and whole process for our employees.  With the integration into WSU, our faculty and staff will be afforded tuition waivers for any WSU courses they might choose to take.  Calendar benefits may be different, but as in all integrations there will be pros and cons, we will work in collaboration with WSU to do our best to provide a benefit package that provides the best options for our employees.


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