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April 21
Question 29

Here at WATC we have enjoyed nearly 18 paid vacation days a year.  Once we become part of WSU, will that benefit fall to the wayside?  From the looks of their website, they are asking employees to utilize their vacation days during the holiday seas (i.e. Christmas).

The annual accrual of 18 days (144 hours) of PTO at WATC is actually vacation pay and sick pay combined.

WSU does not combine the two, so employees accrue vacation pay and sick pay.
At WSU, fulltime employees (except 9-month faculty) accrue:
96.2 hours of sick pay annually
176.02 hours vacation pay annually
Also awarded is a discretionary paid day off (after 6 months of employment)
Total paid time off available:  280 hours.
It is correct that employees use vacation pay for part of WSU’s Christmas Break, but their paid time off is just about double what WATC employees currently earn.
Also of note is that WSU part-time employees also earn vacation and sick pay based on the number of hours worked.  WATC part-time employees do not earn paid time off.


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