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June 26
Question 31

Including 17 days of paid Holiday, we now enjoy a total of 360 hours of paid time off for the year.  How many paid holiday days does WSU award per year in addition to the 280 hours of vacation and sick leave.

Following are the holidays for WATC and WSU
New Year’s Day                  
Spring Break (Thursday-Friday)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Break (Monday-Friday)
Christmas Break (Dec 24th – 31st)
New Year’s Day                  
Martin Luther King Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans Day-WSU open, comp time if work
Thanksgiving (Thursday-Friday)
Christmas Eve (added in 2016, not official yet
Christmas Day (closed for Christmas Break, Days vary
< 2 yrs            144
2 to <4 yrs     184
4+ yrs             224
Exempt          224
No Max Accrual - Termination Max Payout 240 hrs. 
Sick leave:                   96.20
Vacation:                   176.02
Discretionary Day         8.00   award annually
Total:                          280.22
Vacation pay- NonExempt Max Accrual 304 hrs, Exempt 304 Hrs
Sick Pay - No Max Accrual


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