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February 01
Question 37

We have all been told that our jobs will not be going away with the affiliation.  However, today someone shared that after 3 years they can do away with our jobs.  Is this true?

As you know Kansas is a right to work state, so no one, including me, is guaranteed employment in a job, however in answer to your question I would highlight the following information:
1.   As WSU Tech we are the largest college within the WSU ecosystem, so it will take the staff and faculty we have today and probably more in the future to be able to carry out the mission and vision of this organization. 
2.   I have not been a part of any conversation that would lend any credence to this rumor.
3.   The success of our college, now WSU Tech, is dependent upon the high quality work of our employees to ensure that we are serving all our students with a high emphasis on excellent customer service, responsive to the needs and issues of our students as solution providers, to provide the highest level of teaching and learning in our classrooms and labs, to engage with our business and industry partners in unprecedented ways in order to ensure we are creating an environment of retention and success for our students and educating the best future workforce we can.  If each and every one of us do this well our future is bright and our career pathways will be rewarding.


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